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About Spanish Works


Spanish Works provides interpreting and marketing in Spanish for businesses that want to communicate across cultures. Whether you are a small business owner wanting to increase your client base by marketing to the Hispanic community (30% in Providence according to the 2000 Census) or a lawyer needing to present a certified translation in court, Spanish Works is here for you. Let us help you improve your business by communicating accurately across cultures.



Founder of Spanish Works

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Rebecca Rhoads

Rebecca obtained her Master's Degree in Spanish Literature and Linguistics from Florida State University. While pursuing this passion she volunteered for 2 months in Peru for "Casa de Panchita," a non-profit that promotes the empowerment of domestic workers through education and leadership training. Rebecca is globally focused and welcoming. She has learned from local people in 16 countries, including 7 Spanish speaking countries, and interpreted for a group of doctors in Cuba in 2017.

Rebecca has taught Spanish at the University of Rhode Island and over the past 11 years guided students at 4 Universities and 2 high schools. Rebecca won Professor of the Year Award from Latino Cultural Society at the University of West Georgia. Currently, she is growing her interpreting business and leading workshops. She has presented at the Center for Women and Enterprise, the Toastmasters District 31 Conference, the RI Biz Plan Elevator Pitch Contest, the RI Foreign Language Association Conference, and the International Conference on Word, Image, and Culture. Let Rebecca help you improve your business by communicating across cultures with accuracy.